Designs Adrift utilizes the inherent beauty, tones and forms of  this found wood – driftwood. By combining glass, textiles and metals interesting and one of a kind works are created. All of this is not as simple as merely ‘walking the beach’ it involves a great deal more – there are many steps involved and this is what we will try to share through this blog.

The searches, the hauling, the assembling… pieces ‘underway’ as well as the finished product. As well as keep  you posted as to gallery showings, upcoming articles and the general ‘goings on’ of Designs Adrift.

We’d love to hear what you have to say about the works – as well as suggestions for info. you’d like to learn about.

Thanks for checking us out!

8 Responses to “About”

  1. Juliebee said

    Loved the NYT’s piece…your home is so beautiful and inspiring. I hope you guys get a ton of business from that article. Wish I could afford to buy from you…maybe someday.
    In the meantime I got some wonderful decorating ideas…thanks and good luck.

  2. ANNiE Hall said

    Love Your Work! Especially the lamps. Enjoyed the lifestyle piece. Best of luck in your pursuits.

  3. ken niemeyer said

    you had me at the horse and then it just got better. key word,,,,”inherent”…beauty

  4. Absolutely stunning! Artistry with beautiful, natural materials…

  5. I’d like to write an article on your Driftwood Art. Take a look at this lens that features the art and the artists.

    If you’re interested there’s a contact button on this page where you can email me.

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