Here’s the daybed I’ve been talking about – while the pics aren’t exactly ‘perfect’ yet – it gives you an idea of the piece. I was thinking it would be interesting to shoot in the environment from which it came – I’ve learned a lot in the process and will shoot again for the website, but for now, this works – plus it shows the incredible environment from which I am inspired.

Daybed on point

Daybed on point

It was an amazing afternoon, the light was incredible, storm clouds threatened and the hike down was thrilling – particularly carrying all the gear – in the wind!

Close-up of daybed

Close-up of daybed - custom mattress - ticking slipcover

check out the location!

Here is an overview of the point we chose to shoot on – the bed gets ‘lost’ from this angle, but it gives you a fabulous look into where we went to shoot – what a day! There are no roads down – had hike down the cliff to get there, with all the gear…just a little peak into the ‘behind the scenes’ look into what I do for a piece.  I look forward to adding pics of me collecting and the areas I go …

Below I am working on a soon to be large low bench. I plan to keep the sides as found – the beautiful silver color of beach worn wood. The top side I will finish with a natural oil to capture the original grain of the wood. I like the contrast of the two.  I’m carving out the underside of the bench – creating a flat surface from which I will attach legs. I’ve utilized  the ease of power tools to do some of the work, but the removal of wood is done by hand and mortise and tenon joinery will be used to attach the legs.

I’ve also included a few pics (below the bench carving) showing the work involved building with mortise and tenon joinery. I am working on a nearly completed pair of club chairs.

carving bench base

working on bench base

working on bench base

chiseling leg for club chair

chiseling leg for club chair

fine tuning

fine tuning

ataching one arm to club chair backHere are a few of the steps involved when building with mortise and tenon joinery. Pieces are not nailed together, each piece is carved to fit another – not a simple task with driftwood’s natural form. I decided to utilize a more traditional wood for the bask rest. This allowed for a more refined look as well comfort. I steamed the back slats to shape. See pic below.

steaming wood to shape

steaming wood to shape

Yes, this project has been underway for quite some time. Commissions have been taking my time, though the pair is nearly ready for the custom cushions complete with linen slipcovers.

Check back for the finished product!

7 Responses to “Works in Progress”

  1. Sheila said

    Such a beautiful daybed and I love your choice of ticking stripe for the material. I love the photos as well. Just a thought, maybe you could take a backdrop cloth (say something in teal or color of the sunset) that you lay under the piece that will enhance the piece you’re photographing and will draw the eye to the piece, but that won’t detract from the background view. The eye automatically follows the ray of light across the water so maybe move the bed in line with the sight line of the ray of light as though the sun is setting on the daybed. The silvery bluish gray of the wood might actually get washed out this way, and you probably tried it, but just in case :-). Another thought is to actually take a couple more steps back, which will allow you to zoom closer on the daybed and not lose that ray of light across the water that is sooo gorgeous. Your work is wonderful.

  2. Cynde McConnell Kimbrough said

    I saw the horses in a magazine and loved them. Your work
    is amazing.

  3. Sheila said

    such a beautiful location. i envy you your living environment. i am landlocked.

  4. Tabitha said

    I bet the process is more fun except seeing the face of the happy customer

    • For sure, the process is very rewarding, you never know what treasure you might find. When I do come up with a design and the customer falls in love with it. I want to do a 100 more. Thanx !

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