Searching is the beginning of ideas as well as the means to find the ‘right’ piece for a project. Walking a beach, boating to an outer island, or visiting a lake is just the beginning…

It’s not as simple as ‘combing’ the beach or hopping into a boat – it involves hauling, sometimes great distances, to get a piece back to my truck so I can then move it to my studio. The weather must also be right – if it’s raining or has been raining for days,  the colors and tones of a piece will be very different once dry so I have to wait for better weather. The form may be right, but not the color – so good clear weather is vital. The color and tone is what this wood is all about.

It’s also about finding enough wood to complete a piece – pieces must have cohesion in order to work together to form a chair, bed or sculpture. There may be a lot of dirftwood, but not all is ‘perfect’.

pics coming soon.

2 Responses to “The Search”

  1. Kathy purzycki said

    I found a large peace of driftwood, about 6×6. How would I clean it.

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