July 15, 2012

Michael has recently completed another assemblage, Zephyr…this design has been on his mind for a few years now – commissions and other projects had prevented him from creating this piece sooner…patience paid off and we are now enjoying this incredible work, at least until it finds its’ buyer…final photos coming soon. I just had to shoot Michael while working on it, the lighting and space were too good not to!
Let us know what you think.

While the chaise is waiting for its’ cushion – Michael has decided to begin an assemblage he’s been dreaming about for over a year now…it will be full of movement; mussel shells and silvery driftwood placed alongside each other, within a stainless frame – beautiful.

Michael has been collecting mussel shells wherever we go…for the past year, we have lots! Here he is cleaning each individual one – Michaels assistant, Finn, also needs to get in on the action…

I am so excited to see this piece complete.