side tables

January 21, 2013

Not only have I been busy working on the coffee table mentioned last week, but I’ve been designing and building a pair of custom side tables…Each is hand made with mortise and tenon joinery and then topped with gorgeous (and heavy!) 3/4″ inch glass – I am pleased with how they’ve turned out ¬†– what do you think?


side table 2


MichaelFleming - Side Table







close-up of pair


October 2, 2012

Can’t believe it. October is here! The days are getting shorter; thankfully warm sunshine still prevails, though not for long…

Since returning from my trip up North, I’ve been busy preparing more stump tables to be sold through The Summer House, located in New Canaan, CT. I’ll be delivering them down tomorrow…

Seems as though I’ve been more on the road these days than in the shop – I much prefer being in the shop…though soon, that’s where I’ll be … I have to, I have commissions to complete and new works to make for next years shows. Collect, design, build, deliver.

Delivering is a business within itself. Jenn and I have spent countless hours organizing and preparing packages (wooden crates, pallets, custom double wall boxes, etc.) for deliveries both in the US and abroad. No simple task; we’ve invested a lot of time and energy; we’ve learned…a lot.
Here’s a small box heading to NY and the wooden crate was built to go to Germany; the unglamorous side of designing art and furniture…

I also personally deliver works. A bit time consuming too – packing, loading, driving (fuel, tolls, time), unloading, unpacking, driving back (sometimes great distances). If I’m using my truck, it’s a bit less time than when I have to rent a vehicle. Renting involves driving 30 miles to pick-up the vehicle, driving back home (30 miles) to load the vehicle, then delivering either that day or the following…then, return the rental and drive home, again. Phew – I’m not complaining, it’s all part of it, I know. It’s one of those ‘invisible’ things a business such as ours requires.

Fortunately, a delivery either means I’ve made a sale or a piece is going somewhere with the hopes of being sold…It’s great when it’s sold, it’s no so fun when it hasn’t. Oh, the ups and downs of working for oneself…

Tomorrow’s delivery will be a good one. It will be wonderful to meet the shop owners, Margaret and Megan, and have my work among such incredible style and taste.

Here’s a photo of me preparing the stumps months ago

– it was late winter (hence the gloves, hat and leave less trees) and I had come across an incredible tree trunk, perfect for side tables – but it needed to be cut and then allowed to dry and cure…

the seasons have passed and the aging process is complete. They’ve been leveled, sanded, weathered and now on their way. My assistant.


Show time

July 24, 2012

Michael and I have been busy preparing for the upcoming show we are participating in later this week on Mount Desert Island, Maine. It’s the 37 year for this well known show and we’re pleased to be a part of it…it’s organized by the Maine Craft Guild and is a juried show. Exhibitors range from jewelers to furniture makers to impeccable potters…some of Maine’s best to say the least. Here are a few new pieces to be exhibited this weekend.

Everything is custom – from the cushions to the slipcovers to the furniture itself…all handmade and made to last.