wharf and channel

January 14, 2014

Winter is here, the holidays are over and 2014 is well underway…

Life sure has been busy (as I’m sure it has been for you too!) and I have a few new works completed as well as underway…here is one of the completed ones , which is titled, ‘Wharf and Channel’.

Driftwood and found lobster warp are what make this piece.

The warp represents the water and its’ ever changing colors…and the wood, well, is the wharf.

There are lots of wharves here in Maine, though unfortunately, many are becoming privatized…thankfully though, our town still has a few piers which are for its’ residents and the general public.

They are assets not only for the lobsterman and fisherman who use them daily, but also for those of us who enjoy being ‘on the water’ and everything surrounding it…sunsets, the hum of lobster boats coming in or going out, seagulls chattering, the lapping of the waves against the rocky coast or simply to watch the sun dip below the horizon…water access is important…for everyone…

Wharf and Channel.

Wharf and Channel

The process;


painted base

tacking out the sides

wood on

wood + paint

wwod + warp close-up

Wharf and Channel

Available now.


Maine Art Scene Magazine is an online magazine and virtual meeting place for artists and buyers alike. Its also a fabulous resource for galleries looking for talented new artists as well as established artists…the last few years, Maine Art Scene has put together an online, virtual gallery.

It is a brilliant idea.

It is a juried show and Designs Adrift was one of the chosen artists to include – the piece titled Zephyr, was chosen not only as part of the exhibit, but also as the ‘cover’ page for the gallery ‘showcase’…I am honored – to say the least!

Do be sure to check out all the other incredibly talented Maine artists as well as the incredible job Maine Art Scene has done creating this online virtual gallery…well done!

Go here to view the entire exhibit.

What do you think?

Spring Tide III

May 10, 2013

Spring Tide III complete

spring tide III



Spring Tide III

April 23, 2013

So while I’ve been busy working on the dining table base, I’ve also started another new project Spring Tide III. This piece will be smaller than the prior two Spring Tides, though still impressive.

It is being made for a local shop in Portland Maine, K*Colette. It’s a fabulous home goods store and the perfect fit for my work…

We’ve been looking into retailers to sell through, though it’s not always easy…so when Karen, the owner of K*Colette contacted us, we were thrilled. We will be selling a few pieces through her shop, but for now, Spring Tide III will be the first addition.

While it may look like a simple project, it’s not as simple as it looks…it’s a puzzle of sorts – a mesmerizing puzzle – a puzzle with many pieces, though only a ‘few’ fit.

Dark will be contrasting light in a specific pattern – ¬†specific to each individual piece, as well as the whole…

Spring Tide III underway;

assemblingcarvingpattern sticksMichael working on new Spring Tide

We have had a very busy and exciting weekend this past weekend…we exhibited in the Maine Craft Guild Juried Art Show on Mount Desert Island. It was fabulous. We met so many talented artists and incredible people. The area is absolutely stunning and the weather was perfect for an inside show. Many new contacts were made and lots of positive feedback given – our booth was abuzz all weekend. Martha Stewart stopped by and took a few photographs of Zephyr (shell and driftwood assemblage); this piece was the hit of the show. It garnered attention from nearly everyone who walked by…subsequently, it did sell, as did a number of other works…

Thank you to everyone who helped us with the show – quite the undertaking to say the least, especially with a two year old in the mix…packing, driving (three hours one way), unpacking, setting-up, moving into our ‘home’ for the long weekend and then doing it all over again – well, we couldn’t have done it without help – so Thank you all again!

The weekend was a great success and we’re already looking forward to next year!

Little man patiently waiting at home to pack and load the side tables…

Finn decided to play us a bit of music on his harmonica while waiting for us to unpack…

Rides o’ plenty on the dolly…

Our booth set-up and ready for opening night!

The booth was abuzz all weekend…

Michael showing Zephyr…

Thanks again to everyone who helped make the show a success and a big thanks to our new clients! Enjoy.


July 15, 2012

Michael has recently completed another assemblage, Zephyr…this design has been on his mind for a few years now – commissions and other projects had prevented him from creating this piece sooner…patience paid off and we are now enjoying this incredible work, at least until it finds its’ buyer…final photos coming soon. I just had to shoot Michael while working on it, the lighting and space were too good not to!
Let us know what you think.

Coastal Living Magazine

February 14, 2012

Michael Fleming Designs Adrift has been featured in the upcoming March issue of Coastal Living Magazine – be sure to check it out!

Will post article once published…