Maine Art Scene Magazine is an online magazine and virtual meeting place for artists and buyers alike. Its also a fabulous resource for galleries looking for talented new artists as well as established artists…the last few years, Maine Art Scene has put together an online, virtual gallery.

It is a brilliant idea.

It is a juried show and Designs Adrift was one of the chosen artists to include – the piece titled Zephyr, was chosen not only as part of the exhibit, but also as the ‘cover’ page for the gallery ‘showcase’…I am honored – to say the least!

Do be sure to check out all the other incredibly talented Maine artists as well as the incredible job Maine Art Scene has done creating this online virtual gallery…well done!

Go here to view the entire exhibit.

What do you think?

Maine Art Scene

March 13, 2012

We are excited to be a part of this years juried online gallery for the ‘Maine Art Scene’. A Maine Arts and Culture online magazine.

Maine Art Scene represents artists working in a variety of mediums throughout the state of Maine. It is a wonderful resource for artists, buyers and lovers of art. Each year the jury accepts submissions to be considered for their year long virtual exhibition – and our floor lamp, ‘Reversing Falls’ was chosen to be included!

Check it out along with many other incredibly talented Maine artists

The New Year is here!

January 11, 2011

The New Year is underway and all is good in Maine…cold cold cold – walking through ice and snow and very brisk breezes but lots of fantastic finds recently. The new bench is nearly finished and an ottoman will be the next project – most likely covered with some sort of animal skin.

Two pieces have been selected by the Maine Art Scene juried online virtual gallery – check it out – great concept!

It’s especially wonderful to ‘Spring Tide’ shown as we envision it in a home or office…the gallery is on display for the entire year.