wharf and channel

January 14, 2014

Winter is here, the holidays are over and 2014 is well underway…

Life sure has been busy (as I’m sure it has been for you too!) and I have a few new works completed as well as underway…here is one of the completed ones , which is titled, ‘Wharf and Channel’.

Driftwood and found lobster warp are what make this piece.

The warp represents the water and its’ ever changing colors…and the wood, well, is the wharf.

There are lots of wharves here in Maine, though unfortunately, many are becoming privatized…thankfully though, our town still has a few piers which are for its’ residents and the general public.

They are assets not only for the lobsterman and fisherman who use them daily, but also for those of us who enjoy being ‘on the water’ and everything surrounding it…sunsets, the hum of lobster boats coming in or going out, seagulls chattering, the lapping of the waves against the rocky coast or simply to watch the sun dip below the horizon…water access is important…for everyone…

Wharf and Channel.

Wharf and Channel

The process;


painted base

tacking out the sides

wood on

wood + paint

wwod + warp close-up

Wharf and Channel

Available now.


Running Horse Complete

June 19, 2012

The running horse is now complete and awaiting its’ custom boxes before we ship her to DC…Check out the pics below – It’s even more impressive in person…let us know what you think.


June 4, 2011

Spring has sprung into full gear for us and summer is quickly on it’s way…time is flying and orders are coming in – more photos of current works underway coming soon. We have a few shows ‘in the works’ and more on this once things are finalized…looking forward to posting more soon!

What’s new in 2010

April 6, 2010

Our new year started off in an exciting way with the birth of our son – 2009 ended with preparing for his arrival and 2010 we welcomed him! Hence the time since the last post! Spring is here and we’re off and running…great weather and lots of storms mean great finds.

We have had so many BIG storms along the Maine coast this spring. This means lots of wood and time needed to gather. Combing the beaches now is much more pleasant with this warmer weather – what a relief to feel the warmth of the sun!!! More and more ideas keep flowing in…

My carpentry business has kept me busy this winter, though new projects are underway for Designs Adrift.  Thinking about coffee tables, side tables, lamps with blown glass shades, large floor sculptures as well as smaller table top sculptures, beds…I’ve come across some great finds recently; they now need more time to dry.

To help this drying time I’ve recently finished building a solar kiln of reclaimed materials. Most of the materials used were salvaged from a renovation I was working on this winter – including the windows. See pics coming soon.

I’ve been seeing driftwood furniture in many high end shelter mags over the last few years – and I’m not talking about the ‘cutesy crafty’ stuff either. It’s being used by high end designers as sculptures, furniture, and accent pieces all over the world – It is such a wonderful medium to work with. Each piece can say so much. Driftwood draws so many types of people to it – it works on it’s own or combined with other materials. It’s inherently artful. Which is why I think it works within a variety of styles.