It’s been far too long since we’ve posted from our driftwood world here in Maine…and while Michael has been busy designing and building new works, he’s also been busy with commissions…a few of which are pictured here.

Sea Bubble

This set of three are titled, Sea Bubbles. They were designed to compliment another assemblage (below), titled, Points to Sea, previously made to be exhibited in an upcoming show, though Points to Sea will never make it to the show, because it’s already been purchased.

Here it is installed in its’ new home;


Points To Sea


It’s an assemblage created from Maine collected driftwood and mussel shells with a custom stainless frame surrounding and within…it looks incredible in its’ new home…

The other commission was to create a set of three side stump tables, also made from Maine collected driftwood. This set is the perfect compliment to this space. Don’t you agree?

More to come soon…

Side Tables

driftwood dining table

April 16, 2013

The weather seems to be turning, well, sort of…enough so that I am now able to work outside  (and not  be in a fully insulated suit), while listening to the crashing surf in the distance…at least while the chainsaw is off!

Time to get back out there and start collecting again, but until then I’ve started working on this piece which I think may become a base for a dining table…we’ll see what transpires…also hoping for some surf – my other passion!

What would you like to see made from driftwood?

Dining Table 1Dining Table 2Dining Table 3


Like this idea? Check out Designs Adrift for more driftwood table ideas…

driftwood and stainless

April 9, 2013

Things have been busy, yet calm…new stumps were sanded and delivered to Summer House in New Canaan Ct. They’ve sold the others which werer delivered last fall (thank you!)… And now I’m about to begin designing a new coffee table. This one will be different than the glass top ones I’ve built prior. Our client wants a wood topped table.

I have an interesting slab of driftwood that just might work (with a little help from me of course) – and the base is to be organic in form – no traditional legs for this one. I’m excited to begin the design process for this piece.

The challenging yet fun part of working on commissions (custom pieces) is that it allows me opportunity to create works that I may not have thought of. It also allows me into others lives and homes. I design with not only the specs in mind, but the person and the space in which the piece is intended for…

But for now, enjoy the pics of the latest side stump tables. I’ve been experimenting with inlaying metal into driftwood. What do you think? Also started playing around with epoxy inlays…there is so much which can be done with driftwood!

inlay close-upthis photo looks a bit too pink (the lighting was not quite right) – in person its a beautiful white washed tone – perfect for the sleekness of the stainless…


And here’s the all the latest side tables – Interested in one? Contact us or the Summer House for details!


side tables

January 21, 2013

Not only have I been busy working on the coffee table mentioned last week, but I’ve been designing and building a pair of custom side tables…Each is hand made with mortise and tenon joinery and then topped with gorgeous (and heavy!) 3/4″ inch glass – I am pleased with how they’ve turned out  – what do you think?


side table 2


MichaelFleming - Side Table







close-up of pair

The interview went well with local Maine news reporter, Lyndsey Mills, for Bangor Fox News – after a few attempts of setting up furniture and lamps on the beach, (despite the gale force winds), we decided it’s best to shoot without the shade on the lamp and to remove the back rest on the club chair (they both kept blowing over!) and just go with it. See for yourself…

Too see and read more interviews from the NYTimes to Trendesign in Jordan – check out Michael Fleming Designs Adrift.


October 2, 2012

Can’t believe it. October is here! The days are getting shorter; thankfully warm sunshine still prevails, though not for long…

Since returning from my trip up North, I’ve been busy preparing more stump tables to be sold through The Summer House, located in New Canaan, CT. I’ll be delivering them down tomorrow…

Seems as though I’ve been more on the road these days than in the shop – I much prefer being in the shop…though soon, that’s where I’ll be … I have to, I have commissions to complete and new works to make for next years shows. Collect, design, build, deliver.

Delivering is a business within itself. Jenn and I have spent countless hours organizing and preparing packages (wooden crates, pallets, custom double wall boxes, etc.) for deliveries both in the US and abroad. No simple task; we’ve invested a lot of time and energy; we’ve learned…a lot.
Here’s a small box heading to NY and the wooden crate was built to go to Germany; the unglamorous side of designing art and furniture…

I also personally deliver works. A bit time consuming too – packing, loading, driving (fuel, tolls, time), unloading, unpacking, driving back (sometimes great distances). If I’m using my truck, it’s a bit less time than when I have to rent a vehicle. Renting involves driving 30 miles to pick-up the vehicle, driving back home (30 miles) to load the vehicle, then delivering either that day or the following…then, return the rental and drive home, again. Phew – I’m not complaining, it’s all part of it, I know. It’s one of those ‘invisible’ things a business such as ours requires.

Fortunately, a delivery either means I’ve made a sale or a piece is going somewhere with the hopes of being sold…It’s great when it’s sold, it’s no so fun when it hasn’t. Oh, the ups and downs of working for oneself…

Tomorrow’s delivery will be a good one. It will be wonderful to meet the shop owners, Margaret and Megan, and have my work among such incredible style and taste.

Here’s a photo of me preparing the stumps months ago

– it was late winter (hence the gloves, hat and leave less trees) and I had come across an incredible tree trunk, perfect for side tables – but it needed to be cut and then allowed to dry and cure…

the seasons have passed and the aging process is complete. They’ve been leveled, sanded, weathered and now on their way. My assistant.


until the next project

September 10, 2012

September is the month to go out on a big explore and seek out new areas for wood – driftwood that is…there is much coastline here in Maine, much is unaccessible – either due to terrain or all those ‘private property’ signs…alas, there are some incredible spots I frequent and I’m appreciative of those…

Though, September takes me to the lakes – which ones, I’ll never tell – but there are lots of them in Maine. They hold a different wood, driftwood of course, but not the kind weathered by salt and sea, but by sun and minerals. The wood I look for has the tone and color of beach weathered driftwood, though its fresh water found…

It’s an entirely different experience than walking the coastline. While the beach has the wind and surf, the lakes also have their own winds and can kick up out of seemingly nowhere – it can make paddling a canoe interesting to say the least, there’s also the possibility of crossing paths with a moose and the bird life is incredibly diverse, the stillness (if light winds) – refreshing…so until my return, enjoy these pics of some coastline collected wood waiting for the next project (and projects!)…

Gallery Opening

August 14, 2012

A few pieces have been delivered to the Rick Fleury Showroom in New Bedford Massachusetts – a newly opened gallery we are excited to be a part of…stay tuned for the opening and check out the space here.

More works on the way…

We have had a very busy and exciting weekend this past weekend…we exhibited in the Maine Craft Guild Juried Art Show on Mount Desert Island. It was fabulous. We met so many talented artists and incredible people. The area is absolutely stunning and the weather was perfect for an inside show. Many new contacts were made and lots of positive feedback given – our booth was abuzz all weekend. Martha Stewart stopped by and took a few photographs of Zephyr (shell and driftwood assemblage); this piece was the hit of the show. It garnered attention from nearly everyone who walked by…subsequently, it did sell, as did a number of other works…

Thank you to everyone who helped us with the show – quite the undertaking to say the least, especially with a two year old in the mix…packing, driving (three hours one way), unpacking, setting-up, moving into our ‘home’ for the long weekend and then doing it all over again – well, we couldn’t have done it without help – so Thank you all again!

The weekend was a great success and we’re already looking forward to next year!

Little man patiently waiting at home to pack and load the side tables…

Finn decided to play us a bit of music on his harmonica while waiting for us to unpack…

Rides o’ plenty on the dolly…

Our booth set-up and ready for opening night!

The booth was abuzz all weekend…

Michael showing Zephyr…

Thanks again to everyone who helped make the show a success and a big thanks to our new clients! Enjoy.

Show time

July 24, 2012

Michael and I have been busy preparing for the upcoming show we are participating in later this week on Mount Desert Island, Maine. It’s the 37 year for this well known show and we’re pleased to be a part of it…it’s organized by the Maine Craft Guild and is a juried show. Exhibitors range from jewelers to furniture makers to impeccable potters…some of Maine’s best to say the least. Here are a few new pieces to be exhibited this weekend.

Everything is custom – from the cushions to the slipcovers to the furniture itself…all handmade and made to last.