Time flies

January 8, 2013

The holidays have come and gone and I am busy working on another new commission – this time a pair of side tables and glass topped coffee table. I’ve recently finished another running horse and will be packing and shipping it out within the next few weeks…commissions are not only a challenge in terms of finding and then utilizing the right pieces, but the piece also needs to represent the buyers vision – not always simple. Though, through careful planning, asking the right questions and listening, I have been lucky thus far…happy clients equals happy artist!

I do love what I do – the way time just flies tells me so…I can be in the shop for hours on end and all of a sudden, Finn will coming running in and say, “Dinner time papa!” – I think, really? Already? Wow – where has the time gone?

Here is a photo of my shop after the sun has set (which is pretty early these days!). I get such a lovely feeling when I walk outside, on a clear crisp night, look back at my little shop (the left side of the photo is my shop – it’s connected to our house) and think of all the designs yet to come! Enjoy what it is you do…whatever that may be…

The Shop

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